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About Tiffany

I am a Southern California based, multi-media Artist who has been exhibiting in galleries and special venues for the past 20 years.

As most Artists profess, I began drawing as early as I could lift a Crayola, however, I didn’t actually start taking my artwork seriously until my early 20s. Growing up in a family of talented painters, bronze sculptors, and illustrators, I was pretty sure I had gotten the short end of the stick in the talent department. My style was different, my perspective skewed. My colors were daring and I couldn’t decide on any single medium or genre. So what might you wonder was the turning point? Tell me what pains a naive, inexperienced, 20 year old more than a love affair gone sour? The end had come and I locked myself in my apartment, swirled around paint, cried, cursed, and fought with God. When I stepped away from my dramatics and heartache, I discovered that I loved what had just happened. I didn’t have to find a single right way about anything, and I wasn’t about to give it up.

Today I look back on the gift I inherited and the life I have built around that gift. It is always there. I will always create. I am fortunate to love this work and if I can help others in the process I should. Some of the non-profits I have worked with include, Within Arms Reach (, the Plus Me Project (, the Bolsa Chica Conservancy (, and the Wyland Foundation ( If my artwork speaks to you, you should check them out. Their values, missions and vision align with the way I always hope to create this world.



July 10th Bolsa Chica Conservancy Pacific Coast Dreamin’ Barefoot Ball

  As an artist, I have a unique opportunity to contribute to the world in unconventional ways. I work with a handful of charities each year and am fortunate to be able to do what I love to do, and then donate artwork to auctions that help raise money for variety of worthy causes. Last night, I attended …

Custom Pieces/Commissions

Have an idea for a custom piece? I do accept commissions. Contact me via email at and tell me your thoughts.