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About Tiffany

I am a Southern California based, self taught multi-media Artist. I was born and raised in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado, and consider myself fortunate to be equally connected to both places and all of the beauty and surprises they both have to offer.

As most Artists profess, I enjoyed coloring and drawing as a child however, I didn’t actually start working seriously on my artwork until my early 20’s. I had come to the realization that art IS self expression. I had to accept the idea that I was an Artist and that this was my outlet. The turning point? Tell me what pains a naive, inexperienced 20 year old more than a love affair gone sour? The end had come and I locked myself in my apartment, swirled around paint, cried, cursed and fought with God. When I stepped away from my dramatics, I discovered that I loved what had just happend. I created. My earliest paintings were primarily finger paints and because I didn’t have any money for supplies, I painted on anything I could salvage.

In 2006 I developed an interest in graphic art and I began exploring my options in print. I created and sold a marketing calendar which was distributed internationally, and also produced several greeting cards marketed and sold through CoffeeMonster Studios. This exciting opportunity opened the door wide to other opportunities and I began exhibiting my artwork in Southern California galleries. I currently participate in shows and events throughout Southern California and have artwork displayed in private collections and in public places across the globe.

I’ve gone through many artistic phases and they all have a unique style reflecting where I was emotionally and psychologically at the time. My goal through all of this is to continue to create from my heart, to continue to attract and interact with you, to be a positive inspiration, and to share this freedom that I’ve found in my outlet.


July 10th Bolsa Chica Conservancy Pacific Coast Dreamin’ Barefoot Ball

  As an artist, I have a unique opportunity to contribute to the world in unconventional ways. I work with a handful of charities each year and am fortunate to be able to do what I love to do, and then donate artwork to auctions that help raise money for variety of worthy causes. Last night, I attended …

Custom Pieces

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